Plant documentation (As-built documentation)

Constantly increasing requirements for quality and safety make law-compliant and continuously updated plant documentation mandatory for both manufacturers and operators. Incomplete or insufficient documentation can result in serious legal disadvantages. To ensure compliance with all requirements and specifications arising from relevant laws, standards and directives, a content management system (CMS) is usually necessary today for the creation of as-built documentation.

Efficient information and knowledge management with the help of innovative technologies – this has been the brand core value of reinisch GmbH for more than two decades. In the area of technical documentation, we dedicate these skills to the service of mechanical and plant engineering customers who have a need for complete and professional documentation.

Purpose of plant documentation

The technical documentation comprises a large number of technical files and documents with product-related data and information. Plant documentation, also known as as-built documentation, is the technical documentation for complex technical installations that consist of several machines or assemblies.

As-built documentation aims to gather and manage all relevant technical documents that are necessary for the safe and smooth operation of a plant in one centralised location for quick access to information. In addition to the documentation for both the company’s own plant components and for any supplier components installed, the creation of a plant-wide operating manual is also of crucial importance. This manual describes the function of the “overall machine” resulting from the interaction of the individual machines and assemblies, defines the framework for the proper use and correct operation and determines necessary repair and maintenance measures.

The creation of such as-built documentation, including the integration of supplier documentation, often involves a considerable effort for companies.

The as-built documentation may contain the following contents

The legally compliant operation of a plant requires complete as-built documentation in compliance with standards.

The contents of as-built documentation may include:

  • Operating manuals
  • Information on assembly and commissioning
  • Technical drawings
  • Test reports and certificates
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Repair, maintenance and servicing instructions
  • Approvals
  • EC conformity declarations
  • Documentation of the supplier components

Structure and elements of documentation of plants

Documents for planning, installation, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance

Structure of plant documentation

reinisch GmbH as your service provider

In order to ensure the complete legal certainty of as-built documentation instructions, taking into account all relevant laws, standards and directives, professional support in planning, structuring, editing and publishing is useful. Our brochure, which can be downloaded here, gives you an overview of the competence area Plant and Supplier Documentation at our company.

We provide you the following services in the field of plant and supplier documentation:

  • Advice on the structure of as-built documentation
  • Development of editing concepts for a documentationof plant
  • Creation of plant documentation in compliance with standards and directives
  • Verification of supplier documentation
  • Ensuring liability and CE conformity of supplier documentation
  • Product consulting for CMS solutions
  • Implementation of workflow and planning tools
  • Interface development
  • Data migration