Technical Documentation

Protection against liability, system-specific, tailored to the needs of the target group: The growing trend toward a diverse range of product variants demands individuality of technical documentation.


Technical Documentation: Users need instructions – instructions for proper use.

Users need instructions – instructions for proper use.

reinisch GmbH knows how to implement this in a customer-specific way and offers the entire documentation process from a single source: From research, editing, visualisation to translation and publication. Standardised process steps ensure reliable quality. The targeted presentation of information content is crucial for good technical documentation. Operational procedures must be communicated concisely and clearly. Complex relationships must be lucid and comprehensible. All information must be accessible without any detours. These requirements call for structure and for a perfect balance of text and visual elements. Quality also means to be able to operate technology correctly. In this day and age, technical documentation for a product has become a decisive quality feature.

reinisch means technical documentation

Technical documentation that effectively protects against liability and is tailored to the needs of the target group while being cost-effective is a task for real specialists. reinisch GmbH has been a partner of the industry for more than two decades and creates technical documentation for global companies. Our customers appreciate our high degree of flexibility and our cooperative and responsible behaviour.

Technical documentation: Manual types

  • Operating instructions
  • Service manuals
  • Repair documentation
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Assembly/installation instructions
  • System documentation
  • Function/system description
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams
  • Testing and diagnostics literature
  • Multimedia presentations for marketing and sales

When it comes to technical documentation, reinisch GmbH complements the knowledge existing within the company with specialised knowledge, with standardised process steps warranting quality.

Protection against liability
We ensure the conformity of documentation with legal requirements, EU regulations and safety directives. The result is technical documentation that protects the manufacturer against liability claims. For export-focused companies, the consideration of new standards for the localisation of technical information is as important as the process optimisation using document management, translation memory systems and a terminology database.

Tailored to the target group
The targeted presentation of information content is crucial for good technical documentation. Operational procedures must be communicated concisely and clearly. Complex relationships must be lucid and comprehensible. All information must be accessible without any detours. These requirements call for structure and for a perfect balance of text and visual elements.

The standardised and modularised processing of information is comparable to mechanical engineering and product versions consisting of standard components. The modular structure provides for the cost-efficient administration of information across media types, for example for the creation of training documents and presentations. Product documentation that is available and up to date is the prerequisite for the development of additional product related services.

System Operating Instructions

Consistent orientation toward the market and customer benefits guarantees the success of a company. In addition to the standards- and policy-compliant documentation for individual machines and system, the cross-system operating manual plays a central role. Plant operating instructions describe the interaction of individual parts and the resulting measures for operation, maintenance and servicing. 

Keep a lid on your efforts
As a systems manufacturer, you commit significant efforts to prepare all documents for planning, installation, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Just as you do to integrate supplier documentation in an appropriate form and make comprehensive systems documentation available to the customer. reinisch GmbH will support you in the process.

Documentation process from a single source

The documentation process of a product says as much about a company as the product itself. 

reinisch GmbH offers the entire documentation process from a single source. From research on site, editing to translation. Furthermore, we take over the complete implementation including layout, graphics, video or animation and print template production.

We work in accordance with the single-source principle for accurate processing of content for different media.

Technische Dokumentation: Angebotsphase

Project inquiry, framework agreement, purchase order or release of the job specifications trigger the order phase:

1. Order phase

  • Calculation
  • Proposal

After provision of basic information:

2. Project planning, conceptual phase

  • Project planning, conceptual phase
  • Concept
Technische Dokumentationserstellung

After provision of detailed information:

3. Documentation creation and implementation

  • Documentation
  • Incl. proof copy
Technische Dokumentation: Korrekturphase

After receipt of required corrections:

4. ncorporation of corrections, controlling, delivery

  • Documentation
  • Publication
Technische Dokumentation: Abschluss

Feedback, evaluation of field tests, etc.:

5. Project completion, review of the project

  • Billing
  • Delivery note
  • Data transfer

Documentation concepts
Technical documentation is also in the focus of rationalisation. The ever faster technical progress results in ever shorter product life cycles. Ever more individualisation results in an ever-increasing range of variants. A consistent modularisation of product information is the prerequisite for re-usability and pinpointed application. We provide the expertise for an efficient and effective documentation creation, e.g. when it comes to the development of data models or editorial concepts. We can provide suitable operator models and publishing platforms for the deployment of complete editorial teams.

Each documentation concept is connected to many factors linked to the product and its distribution. reinisch GmbH develops the ideally suited concept for its customers.

Translation & Localisation

Our service is all-inclusive, from advice on the creation of translatable technical documentation or the introduction of a translation memory system (TMS), translation project management to translation and localisation in more than 40 languages. The expertise of our technical editors offers you a crucial quality advantage when it comes to translating content into foreign languages.



Translation is good, localisation is better. Reinisch offers the entire range of translation services under one roof.

Visualisation and new media

Professional visualisation sets the scene for your products. The networking of product communication and the use of modern media call for new approaches in visualisation techniques.

Professional visualisation sets the scene for your products. The networking of product communication and the use of modern media call for new approaches in visualisation techniques.

Konventional Illustrations

  • Technical drawings
  • Photo outlines
  • Digital image processing
  • Exploded View
  • Schematic representation

Visualisiation Based On 3d/Cad Files

  • Interactive PDF
  • 3D PDF
  • Animations

New Media

  • Apps
  • QR codes
  • Augmented Reality
  • Hyper videos
  • Video documentation

Technical Documentation and Industry 4.0

The “fourth industrial revolution” – the “Internet of things” – brings with it a change in the requirements for technical documentation.

Technische Dokumentation: Smarte Produktinformation für smarte Produkte.

Smart product information for smart products. Demand-actuated information units instead of complex documents.

Objective is the availability of all relevant information in real-time by connecting all components involved in the value creation process. This data is then available for derivation of measures at any point in time. The connection of people, objects and systems creates dynamic networks that can be optimised according to specific criteria.

The information – always and everywhere

In order to network humans, objects and systems, all relevant product information must be structured in a way that the information relating to operation, handling, function, diagnostics, maintenance as well as ideal product use or monitoring of operational data is available at any place and at any time. The data must also be situation-specific and be available in the different new media formats.

Technical documentation is an active medium

This means that product information and communication, and technical documentation in particular, is evolving from being a passive media to an important component for the business of a company.

Up to date information when you need it

The future will see products, machines and systems carrying their information on handling, operation and maintenance/repairs in digital format within themselves. This information is then always available for updates and can be assembled as needed at any time.

Targeted information units

In order to support ideally the networked procedure, the respective product information must be available in demand-actuated units. Specific information units replace complex and all-encompassing documents.

Didactic and modular editing

The editorial requirements are not becoming less demanding, didactic and modular editing of information units for the networked documentation is more important than ever.

Modern methods

The structured creation of product documentation using modern methods such as XML, DITA and alike forms the foundation for a quick and reliable provision of information in IT systems and portals as well as in any number or type of smart and mobile devices.

Cinnamon – the Content Management System

Cinnamon - CMS

Content management systems are used to manage, create and maintain documentation contents. They enable collaborative and location independent work on one project at the same time. In addition to text modules, Cinnamon helps manage multimedia contents as well as complete documentation and supplier documentation.

Technische Dokumentation: Flexibilität. Dynamik. Konsistenz.
Flexible. Dynamic. Consistent.

Cinnamon is convincing with its balanced price-performance ratio.

Individual user and role control ensures flexibility in the processing of your different contents. The syntax check at runtime verifies your consistency rules during your content creation and ensures that your documentation remains consistent and free of formal errors. This protects against time-consuming and redundant revision loops. Locally stored content can later be easily imported into the Cinnamon system. Therefore, working is also possible without internet access, such as when travelling by plane or in case of technical faults. Easy and customised template management rids the IT department of time-consuming tasks, preserves corporate identity and enables template maintenance by specialist departments. The content management system Cinnamon builds on the DITA standard, a globally recognized XML standard. This makes information procurement easy – wherever you like! Reduced acquisition costs

  • Real single source publishing
  • Easy integration of open source applications
  • Customisable layout for different publication channels
  • Syntax check at runtime
  • Working offline through later file import
  • Customised adaptation of validation process
  • Freely configurable metadata and their hierarchies
  • Customised template management
  • Content creation in XML/DITA standard
  • Semi-automatic content creation

Our services for system implementation

We integrate the system in your company – both in the IT infrastructure and on the user’s side. Your specific needs are the focus of our efforts. An online webinar is used to demonstrate the user interface and explains the most important functions. Additionally, a modern online help as a WebHelp is part of the software suite.

  • Consulting on system design
  • Support during system integration
  • Free online webinar for staff training
  • Style guide creation
  • Cinnamon manual as WebHelp
  • Analysis and migration of databases
  • Concept for the creation of technical documents
  • Creation and editing of technical documentation

Our support services for system operation

Why travelling far and setting up unnecessary appointments? We would be pleased to come to you and teach you on site. The introduction of a new system includes many obstacles. Existing knowledge and known processes must be maintained as far as possible, while redundancies and unnecessary data silos must be avoided. We would be pleased to support on how to proceed.

You do not find your corporate identity reflected in all publications and communication media or your customer cannot bridge between advertising and aftersales documentation. Then it is time for cross-company terminology management. This saves you huge translation costs and increases the recognition factor. We do not leave you alone. Even after the system’s introduction, our competent team will support you in order to use the Cinnamon system together with you optimally and to evolve it according to your feedback. Support on demand or customised maintenance agreements are just a few aspects of our range of services. Every company evolves and changes. Preserve your Corporate Design in your documentation as well. We adjust the publications for you independently from the output format.

  • In-house training and workshops
  • Development of metadata concepts, filter functions and content reuse strategies
  • Concept and design of a terminology management
  • Online support through experienced technical editors
  • Customised maintenance agreements for support on demand
  • Development and creation of a layout based on your corporate design

Our services for you texolution

Order your documentation on the fly from DocFactory of reinisch GmbH. Target group specific, liability-proof and tailored to your machine.

We would be pleased to consult you on the different sales options.

In cooperation with our business partner, we would be pleased to consult you on our content management system Cinnamon.

Cardamon – the web-based supplier portal

Cardamon - Zuliefererportal

Complex installations and machines consist of many parts and components that need to be documented and parts and components that do not need to be documented. All requirements must be fulfilled in order to issue a CE Declaration of Conformity for a machine or an installation. In order to verify and to manage these huge amounts of supplier documents, reinisch GmbH has developed the web-based supplier portal Cardamon.

Your central point of transfer for more control and coordination.

Cardamon offers:

  • A monitored point of transfer
  • Versatile configurable processes with deadline monitoring
  • Automatic notifications in case of status changes or missed deadlines
  • Configuration of the documents requirements by means of templates or manually
  • Annotating function for sustainable document storage and agreements with suppliers in one system

Different suppliers, requirements and qualities quickly increase the parameters to be monitored and make them confusing. We provide you with the tool always to keep the best overview. A central transfer point improves the control options, ensures the provision and simplifies the coordination. The definition of a target structure is also complex for the technical documentation. Specific end user requirements that are contractually levied upon must already be taken into account in the ordering process to the supplier. So which documents must be provided and at which date, in order to guarantee CE and contract-compliant documentation on delivery? What other deviations are there from the defined target structure.

Keep the best overview

The supplier portal of reinisch GmbH is the ideal tool for mastering such demanding tasks as the management of supplier documentation. Both centralised data storage and online connectivity ensure real-time access at any time and any place, and thus provide you with a complete overview. Streamlined processes and standardised workflows ensure shortest processing times and optimum availability of information and documents. Simplified deadline coordination stands for high adherence to deadlines, best use of resources and optimum time management.

Innovative annotating function
The large number of communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, web download, etc. result in agreements not being stored centrally so that the version history of a process cannot be traced at a later point in time, for example when the final invoice is issued. Cardamon’s annotating function focuses and secures communication in a simple way. Any discrepancies and resulting modifications in the process are documented in one place – everything is always in view.

We would be pleased to advise you on critical points that need to be examined in order to find the optimum quality level for each task. Obvious points, such as legal compliance, are sometimes very complex, imprecisely defined or not consistently regulated. Always keep the best overview.

Specialisation and localisation
Machines, but products as well, can have different document requirements. Different contents lead to specific types of documentation, and different types of documentation in turn lead to specific filing structures. The international engagement of companies in globalising markets requires not only the implementation of a wide variety of languages, but also the consideration of underlying regional and cultural characteristics of the customers.

Work efficiency as guiding principle
A work efficiency study by the Fraunhofer Institute showed that an average of 13 per cent of working time is spent searching for documents in chaotic file repositories. With a forty-hour working week, that is five hours and twelve minutes – each week! We make your searches faster by means of efficient filing structures in combination with modern storage techniques. This increases your processing times significantly. Legal, technical but also company-specific requirements can be individually and easily aligned to formats and formatting, and thus complete the supplier documentation process. Deadline coordination is an important component in the supplier documentation. A status management indicates time-sensitive issues by means of signal colours.

  • Worldwide access to Cardamon
  • Shortened workflow
  • Simplified deadline coordination
  • Annotating function directly on the portal
  • Quantitative target-actual comparison
  • Simplified quality check
  • Monitoring of legal requirements
  • Predefined filing structure
  • Shortened searching times
  • Automatic generation of plant documentation
  • Mapping of language variants
  • Checking the information structure in terms of well-formedness
  • Review process with variable deadlines
  • Status management through signal colours
  • Notification upon receipt of documents
  • Automated requesting of missing documents
  • Configurable milestone monitoring with notification function
  • Annotating documents in the system
  • Modular system design
  • Simplified application through browser-based technology

Our services

reinisch GmbH supports you with function selection, implementation and setting up of the supplier portal – tailored to your requirements. A requirements analysis often identifies important aspects that were previously neglected in the communication with the supplier. This is how we ensure your quality and shorten your workflow at the same time – and that constantly.

The detailed evaluation of your feedback on the work and process with the supplier portal helps us constantly to optimise our offer in order to make your company even more powerful. Customers prefer working environments they are familiar with and these environments increase motivation and efficiency for the most different tasks. In order to meet your requirements as a user, the supplier portal can be set up so that you can operate it optimally. We not only provide you with sophisticated solutions, we are also happy to assist you in working with them. For your business success, we do not only manage the supplier portal itself, but also all internet services, such as web and file hosting. Even in the multimedia environment, customer support in its many different facets remains a fundamental component of customer satisfaction and technical progress. Our first level support will be happy to answer any questions your may have about the supplier portal.

  • Support for the implementation of Cardamon
  • Available as leasing or ASP option (Application Service Providing)
  • Define the requirements for the suppliers with the help of templates
  • Continuous evolution of Cardamon by means of customer feedback
  • Integration into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Customised adaptation of Cardamon
  • Initial advice on working with Cardamon
  • Hosting of Cardamon
  • First level support

Our services for you


We would be pleased to provide you with an offer tailored to your company’s requirements.

In cooperation with our business partner, we would be pleased to consult you on our supplier portal Cardamon.

Our services for you

Reinisch is partner of the industry and a leading service provider for technical documentation. We connect our expertise to complex services and create a varied range of product visualisations.

Our business models are as flexible as performance specifications of our customers may vary. We offer the ideal individual solution – whether it is project-specific order processing, provision of staff capacities or the editing of entire documentation areas:

  • Risk assessment
  • Research of standards and directives
  • Creation of technical documentation
  • Documentation analysis and conception
  • Information design, Industry 4.0
  • Editorial guidelines Conventional or CAD-based visualisation
  • Translation management and translations
  • Single-source publishing
  • New media (animations, augmented reality)
  • Archiving and change management
  • Evaluation and integration of supplier documents
  • Provision of personnel capacities