Those who seek to explain something must understand how things work. Implementing innovations and strengthening concepts – the perfect combination of standard and individuality is an important part of today’s information transfer.
reinisch GmbH provides consulting services that convert company and product strategies into information, documentation and service processes.

Product Selection Advice

Objective comparison of several customer-oriented system categories creates an optimised professional overview and an efficient use of the system.

Within a company, many tasks have their own information systems, which provide an infrastructure to store necessary data and functional components to map relevant business processes. Systems within a category differ significantly in their functionality, interfaces, usability and license and consequential costs. At the same time, there are usually many providers in each category that must be taken into account.

An objective comparison of these systems is a complex task.
Efficient and accurate product selection requires detailed knowledge about the potentials and limits of each eligible product, as well as a complete and current overview of the market and the experience to question the statements of product manufacturers.

We support you in challenges concerning the management of information and documents

  • Product selection advice
  • Data models & editorial concepts
  • Market overviews
  • Preparation of specifications and functional requirements
  • System specifications
  • System introductions
  • Benchmark
  • Legacy data migration
  • raining / CPD
  • Introduction support
  • Help Desk
  • Requirements analyses

Our product-independent consulting approach keeps us free from bias for existing tools, software or system components. By analysing the actual state, we develop the optimization potential, the standardization and define the target documentation types. We define the technical and functional framework conditions for the system solution as well as all relevant interfaces to the current and, if known, future system landscape.

  • CCMS (Component Content Management System):
    Editorial system for technical documentation, in particular for versioning and administration of modular documentation with interfaces to translation and publication.
  • DMS (Document Management System):
    Document management system for the administration of versioned files which are assigned to meta data.
  • TMS (Translation Management System):
    System for the management and status monitoring of translation jobs.
  • TM (Translation Memory):
    System for the administration of text segments and their translations in order to facilitate partially automated, re-usable translations.
  • Archiving system:
    Specialised DMS for permanent, manipulation-proof data storage in Germany in accordance with GoBD.
  • MAMS (Media Asset Management System):
    Image and media database.
  • QMS (Quality Management System):
    Document management system for the creation, management and distribution of quality documentation.
  • CSDB (Common Source Data Base):
    Specialised CCMS for the creation and distribution of S1000D documentation.

Cinnamon LogoCinnamon is an open-source content management system (ECMS), which is capable of administering all the files in your company including all all types, formats and data models (so-called “Digital Assets”) to manage. Cinnamon is an exceptionally powerful system with many features that are missing for other products. In addition, Cinnamon offers the immense advantage of being an open source product. In this way you avoid being “stuck” with a proprietary solution.

Product Information and Catalogue Solutions

To give users the opportunity to order products around the clock and regardless of their location and at the same time acquiring additional product information appears to be a paradox at first glance.

The broad spectrum of functions assist you in successfully introducing product catalogues and company-wide guidelines for product information logistic. Moreover, it allows you to streamline your entire product catalogue process. Our product independence for existing tools, software or system components increases your flexibility in implementation. We assist you in the selection for the following system category:

  • PIM (Product Information Management):

Product information system with catalogue and shop functionality, if required

Service Management

Innovative management of changed market requirements.

Companies worldwide are concentrating on improving their customer service amidst the current price pressure and low profit margins in sales and production. In doing so, they aim for greater customer loyalty and resultant increases in turnover. The use of service management solutions assists you in coordinating services and streamlining processes in your service management.

Our service management performances for you

  • Service engineering
  • Service process analysis
  • Service product development
  • Feedback management
  • Complaints management
  • Spare parts management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Technical Documentation

Service Process Analysis

Quality of product communication is increasingly becoming the distinguishing element between suppliers in the electrical equipment industry. We offer you advice, relief and transfer of knowledge along the entire value-added chain. The aim is an integrated optimisation of processes in service.

We achieve this by analysing and optimising processes and with the use of innovative information technologies. We consider the entire process for our customers on site – from an incoming fault message to claims and processing. A survey of customer satisfaction, repair and maintenance times, as well as warranty and goodwill processes are part of the analysis. On the basis of modern information technologies, reinisch GmbH offers system solutions enabling the structuring and documentation of information such as customer feedback. This enables the causes of damage, damaged parts or frequencies to be recorded according to standardized parameters. The introduction of service information systems provides a linking of the data in addition to the analysis and control of service information. This enables the creation of databases, efficient information structures and communication channels. The standardisation of service processes leads to reduced costs and enhances competitiveness.

Components of service process expertise (SPA)

Creating a sound data basis

Development and introduction of a damage catalogue with meaningful damage keys

Repair Methods

Definition of aftersales service standards, introduction of checks, analysis of cost drivers, determination of work values.

Securing feedback – controlling measures

Standardise backflow of field information, Storing information is systematically and in usable condition, derive measures, implement and follow up.

Assumption of operational service activities

Development of a structured feedback management.

Service Product Development

Only those who know all about the customer’s use of products can deliver market-oriented products and perfect service.

Innovative service product development can be a decisive advantage over the competition and create long-lasting customer relationships. Feedback and complaints management is especially important and complements traditional services such as technical customer service, training and spare parts management. We support our customers from various sectors in the implementation of a customised service product development for greater customer proximity.

Feedback Management

Professional feedback management helps you to standardise the return flow of field information, to capture and store information systematically in a read-to-use condition and to derive, implement and monitor measures. This way, service-relevant information remains within the company and can be used in development, production, stocking of spare parts, service, aftersales and distribution.

How can reinisch GmbH support my company?

  • Field analyses of systems and measures
  • Introduction and maintenance of feedback systems
  • Warranty and goodwill costs analyses & reporting
  • Design and development of damage key systems for structuring and encoding of complaints and damaged parts
  • Customer care via hotlines (1st/2nd-level support)
  • Processing of product liability issues
  • Preventive warranty and goodwill costs reduction
  • Return flow of information for the optimisation of products or production processes

Complaints Management

Heterogeneous supplier and/or customer structures frequently cause very different approaches to the handling of complaints. This often results in ambiguous findings on the causes of damage or a lack of enforceability of claims for recourse from suppliers.
It also makes the professional clarification of complaints more difficult.

Reinisch GmbH offers different approaches to optimising your complaints management:

  • Improving the foundation of data for the complaints process by introducing a damage management system
  • Evaluation and systematisation of incoming complaints
  • Reduction of warranty and goodwill costs by identifying cost drivers in product development
  • Optimising the complaint processes, e.g. by optimising customer support
  • Development and market introduction of a structured customer service product portfolio

Spare Parts Management

Reliable spare parts management covers all material management processes: From the determination of requirements to procurement and/or storage and the provision of spare parts.

How can reinisch GmbH support my company

  • Analysis of the existing spare parts strategy
  • Forecast of required spare parts
  • Analysis and optimisation of spare parts depth and quantity

Our services for you

Successful services require an end-to-end service strategy as well as methods and tools to flexibly respond to customer requirements. You can rely on the expertise of reinisch GmbH in order to create value from service.

Our experience from product communications and after-sales enable us to design and implement tools and methods for your service management design.

  • How can reinisch GmbH support my company?
    • Optimization of service and repair methods for the reduction of maintenance and service costs
    • More effective use of spare parts
    • More accurate specification of work time values and methods
    • Increase service efficiency
    • Increasing the efficiency of the service organization
    • Exchange of experience, faster feedback and transfer of knowledge within the organization
    • Provision of digital data and new media in after-sales on the basis of the information from engineering
  • What is the impact on your service?
    • Increased value creation and cost efficiency in service and aftersales
    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty of your customers
    • Optimization of the service and product quality
    • Reduction of the warranty and goodwill costs