Training by reinisch

Theory and practice are frequently lacking an adequate connection in educational processes. They frequently exist parallel in different worlds or are even exclusive of each other. reinisch GmbH offers the entire spectrum from training design to implementation. Our training services are integrated into our

  • Mit reinisch individuelle Schulungskonzepte erstellen und implementieren.







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Consulting, development & design of training measures

Many aspects of training and continuous professional development have a schism between the process of learning and the application of learned content in practice. Students frequently acquire extensive theoretical knowledge which turns out to be useless in their daily work - knowledge remains “latent”.

The reinisch campus counteracts this latency by contributing its long-standing experience and competencies. The customer benefits from the combination of expertise and professional training know-how. We offer both a target group-oriented combination of theory and practice parts, as well as modern methods and tools of knowledge:

  • Analysis for the identification of training needs and training media
  • The creation of learning objective maps and training concepts
  • Design of target group-specific training courses with a focus on: Service and maintenance, introduction and use of products, customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Structuring of training on content, media and methodology/design
  • Target group analysis of training participants regarding training/knowledge, motivation and specific learning needs
  • Design and development of customer and subscriber-specific training sessions and courses

Creation of training media

Subject-specific training and knowledge transfer require participant- and trainer-specific training media and a target group-oriented conception of education and training.

  • Trainer and participant documents
  • Interactive training documents with progress monitoring & active elements
  • Design and implementation of computer-based training (CBT) and Web-based training (WBT) applications
  • Concepts, storyboards and the creation of hyper videos for text-free training media and effective knowledge transfer
  • Training policies for different target groups and levels of qualifications

Organisation and implementation of training and continuous professional development

In order to guarantee the best possible success of a training course, the training must be prepared and conducted by a qualified person and be followed up upon.

reinisch GmbH offers its customers the complete organisation and implementation of courses and training. We will take over the entire training process, from the preparation of training programs to the sustainable monitoring of outcomes for participants.

  • Design/development of training programs and catalogues
  • Execution of training courses and training events
  • Train-the-Trainer qualification
  • Monitoring

Trainer capacity for training/CPD events

reinisch GmbH offers didactically and technically educated trainer capacities for specific training requirements. This enables our customers to cover bottlenecks or special training topics without having to create own additional training capacities.

We offer staff capacities for specific topics:
  • Trainer for professional and organisational issues
  • Train-the-trainer training
  • Practical and theoretical training
  • Linking of training services with knowledge management and organisation optimisation
  • Providing cover for capacity bottlenecks

Our services for you

Quality and success of training courses and training events is significantly affected by content, media, and methodology/
organisation of the training event as well as previous training and current knowledge, motivation and learning needs of the training participants. reinisch AG is your strong partner for all training requirements.

Training & CPD: Our services for you

Our service portfolio covers a flexible range of services from the order for subject-specific trainer capacities to the development of training for instructors and training participants to the complete operation of a training unit. We offer a variety of ideal solutions for diverse requirements.

  • We offer
    • Consulting, development and design
    • Analysis of requirements and target groups
    • Creation of training concepts
    • Learning Objective Maps
    • Organization and implementation of training and continuous professional development
    • Design and creation of training literature and training media
    • Animations, hyper videos, web-based training, computer- based training
    • Training programs and catalogues
    • Introduction of seminar management systems
    • Conception and implementation of learning management systems
    • AZAV certification
    • Qualification concepts
    • Train the Trainer qualification
  • Train-the-Trainer Qualification

    We offer specific qualification modules for practising trainers and specialists who have been assigned training responsibility.

  • Seminar management and learning system

    We offer the introduction and operation of seminar administration systems and learning management systems for the coordination and management of the seminars and training courses as well as the creation of the training media.