Our Philosophy

Expert knowledge and a focus on service – the hallmarks of reinisch GmbH for over 30 years. We deliver cross-industry solutions for renowned companies and support our customers in the development of specific system solutions for the management of information and services as well as the documentation of knowledge on the basis of innovative technologies.


We strive to fulfil the following mission based on our competences in the field of knowledge and information management and the creation and processing of documentation:

Information processes: Developing user knowledge. Combining product information
Feedback management: Increase the service revenue. Improve customer satisfaction


In the future, companies that are able to apply their knowledge in the best possible way and offer perfect services to their customers will take a top position in the market.

In the technology sectors, the availability of information and knowledge play a decisive role. At the same time, service processes are of an increasing strategic importance as differences in product quality are petering out. In the future, companies that are able to apply their knowledge in the best possible way and offer perfect services to their customers will take a top position in the market. As the leading service provider for documentation and service, we strive to be our customer’s strongest partner. We react consistently and rapidly to the demands of the market in order to guarantee your success.

As an owner-managed company, we are in the position to seize opportunities for growth, to adjust our range of services accordingly and to shape and continuously optimise processes.

We combine product information from development, production and service to empower users from a wide range of target groups with the knowledge necessary for an effective and safe product use.

Via feedback management, we structure the feedback from user and product information from deployment back into the company, i.e. to the development department, in order to support future product development, increase the service revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Intellectual capital statement of reinisch GmbH

Wissensbilanz reinisch GmbH

In Germany, reinisch GmbH is the first company to report its knowledge capital, initially with the support of a group of experts of the Working Group for Intellectual Capital Statements, and now on its own.

The method is advanced continuously, but the basic procedure follows a clearly structured scheme. At the outset, there is a workshop for the company management to clarify which strategic goals are relevant for the intellectual capital of the company. This is based on the corporate strategy documented in the Balanced Scorecard.

One of the knowledge objectives of reinisch GmbH is to have knowledge about the expertise of the staff, which improves the wide utilisation of knowledge and prevents loss of knowledge. Another knowledge goal is internationalization: How can expertise be developed that assists companies to better manage their international branches. These knowledge objectives are the points of reference of an intellectual capital statement, which serves as the basis for evaluations.

Certificate evidences high quality

The continuously high level of our services is based on a specifically controlled quality management system.

The strongest proof for this is the regular certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV SÜD. As a leading company for documentation and service, comprehensive quality standards are part of our philosophy. These guarantee a highly effective implementation of all services and secure quality standards at all interfaces. Our main goal is the preservation and protection of our quality: All work processes are defined, described and improved in a process-oriented way. This ensures standardised and efficient processes, for example in the everyday work of our technical writers who fill the documentation with life. Certified quality provides orientation and ensures consistent processing. At the same time, it establishes internal and external transparency. Twice each year, our client management performs the internal solution acceptance (customer audit) to not only ensure our service quality, but also to further develop it with the focus on the client. The most striking results of our quality standards are a high level of customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

>> Certificate  DIN EN ISO 9001:2015